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Once there Galileo invited the Pope to look into his "telescope" to see for himself. The Pope refused, saying, "I will not look into that telescope. I do not need to look into it. The Church's greatest theologians and scientists have decreed that the sun goes around the earth and therefore there is no need for me to look into that 'devil tube'.

Your turn climb the legal ladder

Once there Galileo invited the Pope to look into his "telescope" to see for himself. The Pope refused, saying, "I will not look into that telescope. I do not need to look into it.

Such a scientific approach is rejected here either because it is 1 too expensive and 2 not necessary because in Arthur Koehler testified that the two boards were once joined and no "expert" has since ever disputed that and what more needs to be said?.

The modern day "Act of Faith" exhibited by those who hold to this position, and who would gladly again strap Bruno Richard Hauptmann into the electric chair, rivals the faith of any ancient Papal pronouncement. However, heretic that I am, I still would like to know several things.

First, what other experts? In a recent post JM hinted unless I misread him that a recent expert examined the hair samples and ladder rail and floor board and came to the same conclusion as had the jury: Although I am not concerned with whether the dead child was the Eaglet, and tend to think it was sorry David, can we still do lunch?

I am curious as to what modern experts have confirmed Koehler, and more importantly, what type of scientific analysis was used. Was destructive testing necessary?

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Or, was it, as I fear, that someone looked at it in say, and said, "Yeah, it looks to me like these were once one board. I have posted elsewhere my opinion that Arthur Koehler would not be allowed to even render such an opinion today.

There is no doubt in my alleged mind that the prosecution would come up short on both counts. I use the words "alleged mind" because others on this board have described my thoughts as insane.

Several on this Board have analogized what Arthur Koehler did in with fingerprint analysis. That it is unlikely that two fingerprints are identical is a scientific truism which underlies the process. But it only starts there.


The fingerprint expert then spends countless training sessions studying and comparing known test samples. Certain points are looked for and the more "points" one finds the greater likelihood of a match.

It is only after this training and practice that the prospective fingerprint expert is certified and allowed to go into court to render an opinion in a criminal case. Whether you call him a forester, a wood expert, or whatever, that was not his job, and he had NO experience in doing that.

Sorry Dave, but I question whether either one of you would be allowed into the modern day Hauptmann trial.Ewald Mielke, owner of a millworking plant, said that the two boards, one from the ladder, the other from Hauptmann's attic, were not the same.


Your turn climb the legal ladder

Erastus Mead Hudson even claimed that the piece of wood he investigated before only had one nail hole- not the four holes it had during the believed that the police put new holes in the wood or .

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