Uzbek meals essay

Uzbek food Uzbekistan food culture Food in Uzbekistan is a way of life. The way Uzbek people treat cooking is the subject of careful study. Even the most scrupulous researches will not help to identify trends, rules and even more laws.

Uzbek meals essay

Palov or Plov Uzbek national dish In almost every part of the world, in little towns and large cities, one can try the special Uzbek dish, Plov. Moreover, the recipe is as easy as the recipe of Michelangelo: It is far more convenient for us to talk about how to eat plov and what to drink with it.

There are so many ways to cook plov; some say there areand others, But the main ingredients, such as meat, rice, onions, carrots and oil, remain unchanged. Then, fantasy sets in: Classic plov can be light in color sometimes called Samarkand plov and dark Ferghana.

The second one is heavier, but the taste! First peculiarity You should never drink vodka after plov. You can drink it before, but under no circumstances afterwards.

In Central Asia, if not every person, then every second can cook plov, some better, and some worse.

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When an oshpaz goes to buy ingredients for plov, it is a comedy, in which every person is ready to come and see what will happen. I once witnessed how one oshpaz, surrounded by an army of his assistants, was choosing rice. He slowly moved from one seller to another in the market, holding a bit of rice, smelling it, saying something to himself, and then throwing it back.

All the vendors were very nervous; they were hiding things under their tents and putting their best products on display.

However, in Central Asia this word is used to define a small friendly party held for any reason. A "gap" is an event for men and usually it takes place not in houses but in chaykhanas tea houses or some other place. Plov at a "gap" is cooked by the participants themselves and not by a master.


Now everything is ready and we are ready to taste the plov. The cook has to accomplish some magic tricks and this is the most difficult moment. Firstly, because the others will be giving him vodka to drink and if he partakes he will spoil the plov. Secondly, all the drinking people are eager to steal a piece of onion or meat, and he is waving his Kapkir skimmer at them, yelling that no good plov can be prepared this way.

Third peculiarity "Oshi Nahor" - morning plov, is one of the elements of Central Asian family tradition. There are millions of guests invited, and the tables usually are set inside the house and not in the courtyard. The activity takes place from about 6 to 9 a.

Uzbek meals essay

New guests are seated right away on free seats by young helpers. After three minutes you will see green tea at your table, and after another five, plov.

Again, one of my American friends told me how he had four invitations. All of them were in different parts of the city. He started traveling from 5: The master appeared next to him.

He was forced to eat. It was real torture for him to think about the fourth plov, but knowing Uzbek tradition and respecting the people who invited him, he finally acquiesced. He forced himself to eat the fourth plov. But somehow he managed to get to the car and asked the driver to turn the air conditioner on.

Slowly, he arrived at his work. During the day, one of his colleagues came in saying: Please, come to my place today! Recipes for cooking the Uzbek National dish Palov plov is the most widespread and favorite dish of Uzbekistan.A research paper format on depression popular topics for essay writing quotes uzbek meals essay essay of my home Essay voluntary work together Essay abstracts example about family tree english teachers essay about holidays science article essay obesity about dancing essay plants in kannada newspaper article review year 7 essay on reaction time.

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Main dishes of uzbek cuisine: palov, manty, lagman, norin, shurpa, dimlama, samsa. Recipes of Uzbek Food + video.

Holiday in uzbek essay meals Essay life in university language hindi creative writing style jobs online india. Essay on asset management ipo gmp Body research paper chapter 2 3. Palov or Plov Uzbek national dish In almost every part of the world, in little towns and large cities, one can try the special Uzbek dish, Plov.

In this article I won't tell you how to cook this masterpiece. Meals begin with small dishes of nuts and raisins, progressing through soups, salads, and meat dishes and ending with palov, a rice-and-meat dish synonymous with Uzbek cuisine throughout the former Soviet Union; it is the only dish often cooked by men.

In these three IWPR photo essays, we look back over some key moments of life in Uzbekistan during the quarter-century of his rule. Uzbekistan: 25 Years of Karimov's Rule | IWPR Skip to main content.

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