The evolution of the modern guitar essay

But not many know where the instrument came from. It is amazing how we can all be so familiar with something and not know its history or its origin.

The evolution of the modern guitar essay

These stringed intruments are thought to have been used for only religous reasons. It was used in Persia and what is now Iraq.

Evolution of the 19th Century Guitar

It was plucked with an eagle's feather. The Oud came to Andalusia southern Spain where it evolved into new forms, ultimately developing into the modern guitar, with, of course, other infuences.

They were similar to ukuleles and mandolins. These were almost always homemade, and had varying sizes. These instruments had many differing names depending on the region; some of these names include the Cuatro from what is now Spain and Guiterne from what is now France.

Jan 1, Instruments get a 5th string- The Baroque Baroque guitar The earlier four-stinged intruments got a 5th string in the Baroque era. These are like the 12 string guitars we have today in terms of a richer sound. These guitars were most likely used for entertainment at small parties and other occasions.

This instument is often calledhe Baroque guitar. Jan 1, A sixth string is added A sixth string was added to the five-stringed instument from the Baroque era.

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Other than this innovation, the guitar stayed pretty much the same in terms of the size, shape and sound. Jan 1, The first classical Guitars Early in the 18th century, the first classical guitars were invented.

They had much flatter bottoms and were much bigger than their ancestors. These guitars were much more popular than the earlier versions of the instrument and are still used today.

Jan 1, The guitar comes to Colonial America Aroundthe guitar came to the Americas along with the flocks of settlers. The guitar was still not very popular until after the Civil War, when larger, modern ones were used.

Jan 1, Antonio Torres and the Fan- Braced guitar Antonio Torres, a musician and inventor, made the first classical guitars with fan- braced tops. This development greatly helped with the volume and tone of the guitar. This exact method is still used in modern acoustics.

The evolution of the modern guitar essay

Jan 1, Nylon Strings Up until aboutthe only material used for guitar strings were animal parts. These strings were bad because they went out of tune frequently and could easily break.The Evolution Of Music From Ancient Times To Today "The Story of Music From Babylon to the Beatles" goes all the way back to the Paleolithic caves of Chauvet, France to the music of today.

The oldest known iconographical representation of an instrument displaying all the essential features of a guitar is a stone carving at Alaca Huyuk in Turkey, of a year old Hittite "guitar" with "a long fretted neck, flat top, probably flat back, and with strikingly incurved sides".

Modern Knowledge of the Atom The evolution of the modern model of the atom and our general understanding of the atom progressed over several years through many, many experiments conducted in different countries by different people.

However, although these experiments, which eventually resul. Essay on Evolution of the Electric Guitar - Innovations are put forth everyday but few leave a lasting effect on their field. Whether it is the combustion engine in transportation, television in entertainment or the electric guitar in music.

Modern classical-guitar technique owes much to the Spaniard Francisco Tárrega (–), whose transcriptions of works by Bach, Mozart, and other composers formed the basis of the concert repertory. The standard tuning was already settled for the five courses it was A, D, G, B, E, like the top five strings of the modern guitar.

This guitar was made thanks to Antonio Stradicarius in , who decided to evolutinate the four course guitar.

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