The awful truth

These were triggered by an incident in which one of the nuns left the convent but was persuaded to return on the following day by her superior, Mother Mary St. This incident immediately gave rise to the claim that the woman was being held in the convent against her will; a mob invaded and then burned down the convent in an effort to free her.

The awful truth

Laika is the first acknowledged living creature to have orbited space. A good-natured mongrel stray of calm disposition from the streets of Moscow, there is much speculation regarding Laika's ancestry. Some reports describe her as a Husky-mix or Samoyed-mix, almost certainly with strains of Spitz and Terrier in her bloodline, and it has even been suggested The awful truth one of her parents may have been a Beagle.

Laika was probably around three years old when she was launched from Earth in Sputnik-2 on November 3, She was one of three dogs trained for the flight, the other two being named Albina and Mushka. Albina flew twice on a high-altitude test rocket, while Mushka was used to test instrumentation and life support.

Laika weighed approximately 13 lbs.

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Still, most of the world just called her "Muttnik. The high walls were covered with soft padded material and there were intricate life support instruments positioned everywhere. Laika was secured in place with a special harness and had access to both water and food a special high-nutrition gel during the flight.

She was carefully groomed Areas of her body where electrodes would be attached were painted with iodine and powdered with a streptocide. It was reported that Laika suffered no extreme ill-effects during the ascent and insertion into orbit since the electrodes recorded relatively normal vital signs under the circumstances, although she did seem somewhat agitated and her pulse rate did rise to three times its resting level.

While weightless, she was able to take food and water from the onboard dispenser, bark and move around Originally, it was uncertain how long Laika had survived in space, with initial estimates ranging from twenty-four hours to one week and the possible speculation that she had lived for as many as ten days.

The method of Laika's death was also unknown initially. One rumor suggested that the last of the food in her dispenser contained a poison which put her to sleep just before her life-support batteries ran down Inseveral Russian sources stated that Laika had died after four days in space when the cabin overheated.

Dimitri Malashenkov of the Institute for Biological Problems in Moscow, that after five to seven hours following the launch of Sputnik-2, no lifesigns were being received from Laika.

The awful truth

By the fourth orbit, it was apparent that the little dog had passed away from overheating and stress According to Gyorgi Grechko, a cosmonaut who previously worked as an engineer at the Korolev Design Bureau, it seems likely that when Sputnik-2 bounced off the atmosphere, it failed to separate from the booster rocket and thereby rendered the thermal control system inoperative.

Sputnik-2, which weighed half a ton and was reportedly launched to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, continued to circle the earth for days. During that time, it completed 2, orbits and traveled approximately million kilometers. On April 14,the spacecraft Since there was no recovery procedure for true orbital flights inLaika is the only creature knowingly sent into space to die.

Her death sparked animal rights debates across the planet. In Russia, Laika and all the other creatures that made space flight possible are remembered as heroes. In November ofa plaque commemorating the contributions of Laika and other animals that were studied in the space program was unveiled at the Institute for Aviation and Space Medicine at Star City, just outside Moscow.

The monument itself pays tribute to the fallen Russian cosmonauts, but in a corner is the image of a small mongrel dog A year later, one of the former lead scientists who had worked on the Soviet "animals-in-space" program expressed his deep regrets regarding Laika: We shouldn't have done it We did not learn enough from the mission to justify the death of the dog.To love someone you can’t be with, whether owing to circumstance or choice, is a special kind of pain.

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It’s a pain that takes on greater resonance when home isn’t defined by places, but by. The Awful Truth is a American screwball comedy film starring Irene Dunne and Cary plot concerns the machinations of a soon-to-be-divorced couple, played by Dunne and Grant, who go to great lengths to try to ruin each other's romantic escapades.

A truth so awful it must be kept from the players/characters, as it is deemed a serious threat to their mental stability. That, or a mocking cry by the jaded Anti-Hero to illustrate his belief that the main hero is too naive to be trusted with the truth.

CHAPTER II: DEAD INSIDE You didn't think things could get any weirder, until you found yourself slaying ravenous worms in the rotting interior of your own corpse. I attended an agile coach’s gathering about a year or more ago.

It was a “coaching the coaches” session and it was very valuable. But an aspect of it has stuck with me ever since. One that I’ve mulled over and over and would like to share.

There were a group of coaches in attendance from the same c. To love someone you can’t be with, whether owing to circumstance or choice, is a special kind of pain. It’s a pain that takes on greater resonance when home isn’t defined by places, but by.

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