Supermarket business plan in nigeria how can slum

The Sedge 37 Comments January 17, There are several ways you can go about searching for social enterprise business ideas. Creating a social business has many similarities to building a traditional business, but inspiration is usually drawn from a different place.

Supermarket business plan in nigeria how can slum

supermarket business plan in nigeria how can slum

However if you really want to! Then this is the page for you to be! Amazing pictures await you on this post. After the Makoko trip, I saw a kind of beauty that only a photographer would see and also the need in the slums, so I decided to plan the second trip to Ilaje Community in Lagos State.

I noticed how people around my area which is not only limited to my area alone argue day in and out about the dwindling economy and socio-political landscape.

22 Awesome Social Enterprise Business Ideas

Fuel, Electricity and the price of Tomato. Now there is recession, I figured that the timing has never been better in dropping this post! I wanted my readers to see what these people go through and then decided to embark on a trip that would not only be inspiring to you my readers but also charge us to look beyond our conditions and leverage our situations to survive.

As you move closer to the settlementyou would immediately begin to see wooden houses constructed on that brackish water of Lagos lagoon.

But then, people live here even happily. As you move into the community, you would begin to see both the young and old wander about, some aimlessly, and some with intentions, work or business as the case is. Apart from the various shanties that you would see on the bank of the lagoon, most of the people in the community live in huts made of planks, bamboo on the lagoon.

I also noticed that many of the people were mainly Egun. Ilaje is an area in Lagos where the poorest poor reside; from an environment laden with filth and excreta to houses with open bathroom.

supermarket business plan in nigeria how can slum

The community is surely laden with poverty at the end; illiteracy, filth and other social ills. We also observed that a lot of Non-governmental organizations have come to impact the people positively in terms of food, education and health facilities.

However, it seemed from my view and what you would see that these were never enough. They need more support, right. The interview with in the soon to be released video has a lot of young minds that are very ready to work and are skilled one way or the other.

Now let’s look at our list of 22 Awesome Social Enterprise Ideas!

Can you imagine, I met with producers, mobile phone engineers, fashion designers in Ilaje. On my discussion with them, I realized the need for these guys to be empowered! The video would be dropping soon! My Conclusion It is very pertinent that the government should move its arm of support into these communities.

Empowerment is very key and massive sanitary lectures should be given to these people, to incite them on the act of cleanliness in all ramifications. The earlier research I saw online showed that the government was looking at resettling the Ilaje people, which to me is even not feasible in the near time.

To this end, it would be important to support the community in whatever capacity they can. Enough of the media hullabaloo of empowerment we see on TV.

I saw a couple of wastes here and there, which was predominantly dominated by top brands in Nigeria. Bottles of drinks, purewater, sanitary pads, and all sorts muddled together to form the terrible and stinking environment where they live. Ilaje is the real deal.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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