Summary of the book the hot zone

The author weaves together the tales of several previous outbreaks in Africa to describe clearly the potential damage such an outbreak could cause.

Summary of the book the hot zone

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Shem Musoke, a talented and personable young physician. Musoke arrives as Monet inhales his own blood and stops breathing entirely, immediately falling into a coma.

Summary of the book the hot zone

With his face only inches from Monet, he inserts the laryngoscope, at which point Monet vomits all over the doctor, covering his face and chest as well as the gurney and floor with blood.

Musoke, still determined to help his patient, continues to insert the scope and watches as Monet begins to breathe again.

All the while, he continues to hemorrhage from his bowels. Within hours, still attended by Dr. Within this narrative, Dr. Yet Musoke will soon also become a victim of the virus himself.

He is brave and devoted to his duty as a doctor, but also incredibly vulnerable to the unknown disease. Musoke is the first of many doctors, researchers, and scientists within the book who put their lives at risk in order to combat Ebola.

Blood, meanwhile, continues to be a major presence within the scene, a reminder of the persistence with which Ebola attempts to infect other hosts.

Active Themes The doctors of Nairobi Hospital autopsy Monet, and find that his kidneys and liver have essentially liquefied, as has his intestinal lining. It is impossible to say why he died because so many things have gone wrong: His remains are placed in a waterproof bag and buried in an unmarked grave.

Ebola, this passage makes clear, is a kind of ultimate weapon against the human body, affecting the blood, the brain, and multiple other organs. This explains why Ebola is so terrifying, and so difficult to survive. Active Themes Nine days later, on January 24,Dr.

Shem Musoke develops a severe backache, which he chalks up to exhaustion. When he looks in the mirror, however, he sees that his eyes have turned red. Noticing that he has a fever and that his backache has spread, he decides that he has malaria, and begins to take antimalarial pills and an injection.

The shot, however, causes him terrible pain, and after he develops abdominal pain, he begins to wonder whether he may have typhoid fever. He consults his colleague, Dr. Antonia Bagshawe, who speculates that he may have a gall-bladder attack or a liver infection.

Very ill, he is placed in a private room, and his face becomes slack and dead-looking. The virus has now moved onto another host, and Dr. Shem Musoke transitions from hero to victim.

This sense of repetition makes the menace of Ebola seem all the more inevitable and unstoppable. Active Themes In an attempt to determine what is wrong with Musoke, a team of surgeons led by Dr. Imre Lofler performs exploratory surgery.

They find that his liver is swollen and red. His blood refuses to coagulate, so he keeps bleeding during the surgery and blood is everywhere.

After taking a sample of his liver, the team gives up.

His blood, meanwhile, is incredibly dangerous, and puts all the medical personnel who interact with it at risk. Antonia Bagshawe is away, Dr. David Silverstein steps in to care for Musoke.

Globalization is a crucial force in the story of Ebola, allowing the international spread of the disease, but also helping far-off doctors and scientists to research and combat the virus. Retrieved November 28, Immediately download the The Hot Zone summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or .

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The Hot Zone, a true story that took place in the late 's, is based upon an outbreak of the Ebola virus in a monkey house located in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Reston, Virginia.

The Hot Zone Overview.

Oct 29,  · The Hot Zone Homework Help Questions. Who are the characters in the book "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston? Richard Preston's novel, The Hot . The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is a non-fiction thriller, published in , two years after his article “Crisis in the Hot Zone” appeared in The New Yorker. Both the article and the full length book treat similar subjects, focusing on the history and emergence of several Biosafety Level 4 . Preston writes about true events—if sometimes exaggeratedly, as he has admitted—but The Hot Zone is also in the horror or thriller genre. As in many books of this type, here Preston sets a seemingly normal scene, but with an ominous tone of what is to come.

The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story by Richard Preston is about a true incident that occurred in the ’s near Washington, D.C. A U.S.

scientific exploration went to Kitum Cave in Kenya in hopes of finding the origin of the Ebola virus. The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story is a best-selling nonfiction thriller by Richard Preston about the origins and incidents involving viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly ebolaviruses and marburgviruses.

The basis of the book was Preston's New Yorker article "Crisis in the Hot Zone". Musoke is the first of many doctors, researchers, and scientists within the book who put their lives at risk in order to combat Ebola. Blood, meanwhile, continues to be a major presence within the scene, a reminder of the persistence with which Ebola attempts to infect other hosts.

In the shocking novel, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, a lot of tragic and sad events occured. A big event had occured that, in my opinion, was pretty major.

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