Should more people vote

Email The election is over, and one result is clear: More people could have voted.

Should more people vote

Should more people vote

Submit Voting for corrupt politicians will not fix a corrupt government. Where do American politicians come from? Maybe it's not just the politicians who suck but the people too for supporting or not trying to change such corruption.

Vote for someone, then when they drop the first missiles on innocent children, will it be on your conscious? How are those Nikes? Made by slaves in China? People like to say by not voting you don't have the right to complain. Let's think about this logically. If you got someone dishonest and corrupt into office who is little more the a corporate shill who will send us to war, spy on us, and just rape the rest of the world for resources and labor, then you're responsible for putting them into power not really and if you think voting is that important, then you have no right to complain because you put that dishonest person into power.

Also anyone with half a bit of wits about them knows America is not a democracy. It says republic all over our fake monopoly money. Aristotle knew in any true democracy the poor would get together and seize the holdings of the rich, and his solution was a welfare state.

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The founding fathers knew this too, but instead of opting to appease the the view of the masses, they reduced democracy to the form of government they created to protect the holdings of wealthy white men. Imagine being able to vote for anything to eat for dinner because it's a democracy.

You can eat anything you want As long as it's fried chicken or cheeseburgers. And every night we will have a highly publicized election with all the tact and seriousness of American Idol. All the fried chicken people will tell you how fried chicken is going to save the world.

Jul 11,  · The election is over, and one result is clear: More people could have voted. After every election, we are chided for our poor turnout. We're reminded by the scolding pundits that we are supposed to be the greatest democracy in the world, yet so many of us don't bother to exercise democracy's greatest right. Apr 25,  · At election time we inevitably hear earnest pleas for everyone to vote. Voter participation is a data point often cited in political studies, along with an assumption that the higher the. 4 reasons why many people don’t vote. Scientists have insight into why millions of people who are eligible to vote, won’t Why don’t people vote? 1) They are more likely to look for information about politics. And they are more likely to have friends who vote. People without a college degree, he says, are less likely to seek out.

While the cheeseburger camp will tell you how fried chicken people will ruin the world. Smart people are like hey I like pasta, ribs, and salads too, why should I be limited to fried chicken and cheeseburgers?

Really If i had to define current USA oligarchy seems to be the best definition of it's government practices. The list of betrayals from of government goes on and on and we swallow it like a gulp of coca cola because we suffer from cognitive dissonance.

It's impossible to reject the corner stone of your existence because that would make you a victim, and american's can't handle that. So hey keep voting, keep going to war, keep being spied on, keep watching your dollar become worth less an less, keep living in a world where there's ghettos in every major city that are absolutely heart breaking environments.

Keep thinking voting for someone who just serves profit driven corporate interest in going to help anyone but themselves.More than eighty million people didn’t vote at the last election. Were you one of those people who didn’t vote for the better of their country.

Nobody can force a citizen to vote.

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Everyone should be able to vote. In the United States, we have that right and it aids us in receiving the freedom we deserve.

Wile some people may think that voting is not necessary, one vote can change the entire outcome of an election. The People's Vote campaign is run by Open Britain.

Your personal information is processed by Open Britain. For more details about how Open Britain uses your information and your data rights, click here to read our privacy policy. Should More People Vote Voting in a local, state, or national election is an exciting opportunity provided by democratic nations to their citizens.

But some of us don't value that option when we fail to . “People are more likely to vote if they have information about the candidates and the process of voting, higher levels of income and education, find themselves living and working in networks of.

People should vote in elections because it is their democratic right, it helps them effect change, and it ensures their voice is heard. Furthermore, children and other members of the society who cannot vote depend on voters to make the right decisions on their behalf.

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