Market based assets

This has been blamed for contributing to the frequent recessions up to the Great Depression and for the collapse of banks. The Securities and Exchange Commission told President Franklin Roosevelt that he should get rid of it, which he did in To understand the original practice, consider that a futures trader, when beginning an account or "position"deposits money, termed a " margin ", with the exchange.

Market based assets

Market-Based Assets - Marketing Thought

It is not very surprising that something that is treated as an expense is under pressure to be cut. There is, however, plenty of marketing spending that has a long term objective. Of course some is just wasted but not all. Marketing, ideally, creates assets. The customer relationship built by marketing spending should be seen an asset to the firm.

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Indeed in many firms the relationships are the key asset the firm has. Trust consumers have in the brand is sometimes most of what the firm has. Even the knowledge about customers that the firm holds is a potentially critical asset.

As such marketing thinkers are often keen to explain the idea of marketing assets. The basic idea is that marketing can be seen as the creation and management of a specific type of assets that represent the value from the relationship between the firm and the environment.

This environment is broadly defined to include customers. In stressing the creation of assets we emphasize that marketing matters. Marketers like to use lots of imprecise talk and often show an unwillingness to tie marketing goals to corporate goals.

The Market-Based Assets idea trys to set this right. It explicitly ties what marketers are doing to the stock price.

I for one think this is progress. Although there is an awfully long way to go. The lesson is that marketers should start to tie their objectives to corporate objectives. In turn finance people should recognize that marketing is real — it has meaningful effects on things that finance people care about."DMarket is the future of the gaming industry that is happening right now.

We are creating a new gaming economy and giving each and every gamer the power to turn virtual items into real assets and take their passion for gaming to the next level.

A market economy is an economic system in which the decisions regarding investment, production, and distribution are guided by the price signals created by the forces of supply and major characteristic of a market economy is the existence of factor markets that play a dominant role in the allocation of capital and the factors of production.

Market based assets

Knowledge Economy Gateway. This page provides a guide to the best sites on knowledge economy and knowledge management. ENTERWeb is an annotated meta-index and information clearinghouse on enterprise development. This article posits a framework that shows how market-based assets and capabilities are leveraged via market-facing or core business processes to deliver superior customer value and competitive advantages.

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Asset-Based Approach