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Love is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention.

The trafficking and exploitation of children is one of the darkest stories and most severe human rights abuses imaginable.

Love 146

But for us, the hope of ending it is a reality. Love is helping grow the movement to end child trafficking while providing effective, thoughtful solutions. We believe in the power of love and its ability to effect sustainable change.

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Love is the foundation of our motivation. Founded in as Justice for Children Intl. Love is a c3 non-profit organization. Our Round Home in the Philippines is uniquely built and designed to facilitate the restoration and holistic health of every girl entering its doors.

A tree house is regularly the venue for therapy sessions. A volleyball court is available to play on. The physical structure of the Round Home is intended to promote reflectiveness, a sense of peace, freedom, dignity, and self-esteem, as well as playfulness so that children can simply be children again.

After years of providing direct care to dozens of girls, the Love White Home opened incaring for exploited boys, providing them with holistic care, including medical attention, nutrition, therapy, formal and informal education, and vocational training, all to help them walk toward recovery and prevent future exploitation.

In the United States Over the years, we have heard stories about exploitation and trafficking of children in the United States. Before launching our US Survivor Care program, we talked with survivors of child sex trafficking in the US, asking them what sort of care they would have liked to have.

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We listened to government officials, asking them what was actually needed. After much research, we realized that while many services for children exist in the US, service providers are generally not familiar with human trafficking, and few survivors have a trauma-informed advocate who understands human trafficking and can help them gain access to the services they need.

If you move placements, or foster homes, or run away and come back, we will always be there.

Love 146

Our Prevention Education in the United States We are driven by the belief that child trafficking and exploitation is not inevitable, and working to reach youth before traffickers do. Our child trafficking and exploitation prevention education curriculum, Not a Number, is designed to teach at-risk youth how to recognize recruitment tactics, understand vulnerabilities, and develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations. by Jamie Keddie Love -

Youth identify healthy support systems and learn how to access community resources when situations occur that increase their vulnerability or if exploitation is already underway.

We also provide resources to educate parents, caregivers, and professionals about the issue and actions they can take to help safeguard children. Not a Number has been embraced by schools, child welfare and juvenile justice agencies, and other youth-serving organizations.

Children who have experienced being trafficked or exploited. Direct beneficiaries per year: Love is working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. We began inbuilding and expanding safe homes in Asia and training grassroots aftercare workers with knowledge in best practices and equipping them with practical tools to be even more effective.

Inwe opened our Round Home for girls in the Philippines, and since then have added three more additional survivor care locations, serving both boys and girls in the Philippines, the U.

Prevention Education reaches children before traffickers do.I had the privilege of interviewing Rob Morris, co-founder and the president of Love, via Wetoku today. Love is a leading organization that provides holistic aftercare for . Love puts a high value on empowering girls as they step back into their local communities.

Thank you for making sure that after a girl has been rescued and starts walking towards restoration that she has a level of financial independence that will help protect her from further exploitation.

Love is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention. Love History from LOVE on Vimeo.. What we do. Love approaches this dark issue from many angles, including prevention education, professional training, .

We are proud to announce our very new blog, that is conveniently attached to our very new website! We are very excited to have this new platform to keep having the conversations that will help us end child sex slavery and exploitation.

HART (Human Anti-trafficking Response Team) National Trafficking Hotline: (or text to ) If you are aware of a child who is being victimized you can make a report to the Careline at (#WearBlueDay is January 11th.).

HART (Human Anti-trafficking Response Team)