Life of indian farmer

Control the food, and you control the people. Seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers. Percy Schmeiser in Canada, to Monsanto vs.

Life of indian farmer


Select Page Article on Farmers Suicides in India Farmers committing suicide can be a truly embarrassing situation for any society.

In recent times the statistics have depicted an alarming rate of the incidents of farmers committing suicide in India which has become a matter of grave concern. If we fail to give timely attention to this growing issue, the situation may get even worse and the nation will have to pay very grave socio-economic costs.

The students are required to properly understand the reasons why the farmers are taking such drastic steps like committing suicide. They are also required to delve deeply into this matter of grave concern to reach a solution.

These are equally useful for the students as well as the other people. You can choose any article out of these as per your requirement: Over the past nearly two decades, the trend of the farmers committing suicide in our country has been on the rise.

This extremely challenging issue for the first time came under sharp focus when some of farmers engaged in cotton cultivation in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra suddenly committed suicides.

This trend which was started initially by the farmers of Maharashtra gradually spread throughout the country. Liberalization and globalization It is due to the liberalization and globalization that the import of food grains at cheaper prices has already begun and on the other side, farmers in our country are forced to Life of indian farmer their ready crops right in the fields.

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The reason why they are doing so is that they are not able to get Life of indian farmer price for their crops and sometimes the overall price which they get after selling their harvest falls far lower than the total sum invested by them in farming.

Poverty, penury and the amount of the loans taken by them for harvesting coupled with the rising interest on their loan amount eventually push them and their entire family to commit suicide.

Thus, for the Government to diagnose the root cause of this issue it is urgent to take appropriate steps without losing anymore time. It should introduce a new, simplified welfare schemes which may help the farmers in getting good base price for their crop, besides interest free loan for farming, among others.

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The government should run more effective welfare schemes for the poor and landless farmers, some of which may be like crop insurance and providing loans to the farmers on minimal interest rates. If such welfare schemes can be offered immediately and without losing time any further, only then the farmers can be prevented from committing suicides.

Every other day we come across news about the farmers committing suicide in different parts of the country. Undoubtedly the farmers play an important role in the progress and development of the country, but still if they get prompted to end their lives due to any reason so far, it is a matter of grave concern.

A major reason why the farmers commit suicide is that they borrow huge amount of money from moneylenders or from their landlords for their harvest, but many times they fail to repay the huge debt.

For the purpose of farming, they take land from the landlords under the agreement of Batai which means the harvest shall be divided equally between the farmers and their landlords.

Due to this system many times nothing comes into the hands of the farmers because they give half of the crop to their landlords and the other half of the crop is used in the part-payment of the loan taken from the landlords or the money lenders.

On the other hand, landlords bear no responsibility other than suddenly entering into the scene when the harvest is ready, just to collect their share. Grave situation We are already aware that in our country, every year the farmers have to suffer huge losses either due to floods, or draughts.

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Whatever may be the reason so far for the loss of their crops, they end-up empty handed and fail to repay their debt. In such a scenario, they suffer from humiliation and in such a situation their persisting mental agony compels them to commit suicide.

We all know that our lives depend on the crops harvested by these farmers and so, the Government should immediately find out some ways to help these farmers. The Government should carefully take into account all those issues which compel the farmers to commit suicide and moreover, it should also fix all those issues immediately.

In almost every village of the country, the condition of the farmers is more or less same. When they fail to repay their loans, they find it more convenient to end their life then to face the social humiliation. What are the solutions? The only solution to avoid this problem lies with the Government which is required to run crop guarantee scheme, besides it may also arrange for providing loans to the farmers on negligible interest rate.

The biggest step in this direction that the Government may take to help the farmers can be — to make financial arrangements especially to support the farmers while making the yearly budget. It is very important to save the farmer from committing suicide by introducing path-breaking welfare schemes to help them on a mass scale.

Only by taking such measures, the providers of our food grains can be saved from leading a miserable life which ends with suicide. It is urgent to pay attention to the rising incidents of the framers committing suicide. The government should come forward and take necessary steps to safeguard the farmers against all those issues which compel them to commit suicide.

It should make adequate arrangements for the farmers in case they lose their crops due to any eventuality and moreover it should also provide them loan on the most economical interest rate to safeguard them from becoming victims of landlords as well as money lenders.After being forced off their native lands, many American Indians found life to be most difficult.

Beginning in the first half of the 19th century, federal policy dictated that certain tribes be confined to fixed land plots to continue their traditional ways of life. Farmer Darshan Singh plucks cotton from his damaged Bt cotton field on the outskirts of Bhatinda in Punjab, India, October 28, Indian farmers are for the first time abandoning genetically modified cotton after a devastating pest attack ravaged their fields, sowing doubts about the crop technology that had been hailed as a panacea.

In addition, Monsanto works with industry organizations to improve the lives of Indian farmers and their communities.

Life of indian farmer

For example, Monsanto India and the Indian Society of Agribusiness Professional (ISAP) partnered to create Project SHARE (Sustainable Harvest: Agriculture, Resources and Environment). For every Indian farmer who takes his own life, a family is hounded by the debt he leaves behind, typically resulting in children dropping out of school to become farmhands, and surviving family members themselves frequently committing suicide out of hopelessness and despair.

Apr 10,  · The farm size related conclusions from that post are below: In , the average farm size (what NSSO calls operational landholding) was about 1 hectare, which equals the area of a m x m plot. 70% of farmers have plots sizes smaller than a hectare. The farmers' suicides in India, also known as the agrarian crisis, is the phenomenon of suicides among Indian farmers from to the present.

It has been exacerbated by the inability to repay growing debt, often taken from local moneylenders and microcredit banks to pay for high priced high yield seeds marketed by MNCs and the non.

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