Dead mans path chinua achebe

It is about a passionate, proud, fanatic, intelligent and zealous young man named 'Mr.

Dead mans path chinua achebe

He was appointed headmaster of Ndume Central School in January It had always been an unprogressive school, so the Mission authorities decided to send a young and energetic man to run it.

He had many wonderful ideas and this was an opportunity to put them into practice. He had had sound secondary school education which designated him a "pivotal teacher" in the official records and set him apart from the other headmasters in the mission field.

The wives of the other teachers would envy her position. She would set the fashion in everything. Then, suddenly, it occurred to her that there might not be other wives.

Wavering between hope and fear, she asked her husband, looking anxiously at him. They will give all their time and energy to the school.

Dead mans path chinua achebe

Her little personal misfortune could not blind her to her husband's happy prospects. She looked at him as he sat folded up in a chair. But he sometimes surprised people with sudden bursts of physical energy.

Obi put his whole life into the work, and his wife hers too. He had two aims. Beautiful hibiscus and allamanda hedges in brilliant red and yellow marked out the carefully tended school compound from the rank neighborhood bushes.

On going up there he found faint signs of an almost disused path from the village across the school compound to the bush on the other side.

It is simply incredible. Although it is hardly used, it connects the village shrine with their place of burial. But it will not be used now," said Obi as he walked away. The villagers might, for all I know, decide to use the schoolroom for a pagan ritual during the inspection.

These were further strengthened with barbed wire. Three days later the village priest of Ani called on the headmaster. He was an old man and walked with a slight stoop. The whole life of this village depends on it.

Our dead relatives depart by it and our ancestors visit us by it. But most important, it is the path of children coming in to be born Obi listened with a satisfied smile on his face. Dead men do not require footpaths.

The whole idea is just fantastic. Our duty is to teach your children to laugh at such ideas. If you reopen the path we shall have nothing to quarrel about. What I always say is: It is against our regulations.dead mans path Chinua Achebe's "Dead Men's Path" is filled with symbolism.

The story starts off in January of , where young Michael Obi became headmaster of Ndume Central School. “Dead Men’s Path” was published in Chinua Achebe’s short story collection Girls at War ().

World History Connection. “Dead Men’s Path” takes place in during the . The Parable Story "Dead Men's Path" In this short story "Dead Men's Path," Chinua Achebe gives the protagonist an exciting chance to fulfill his dream.


Michael Obi was fixed officially headmaster of Ndume Central School, which was backward in every sense. Jun 13,  · Dead Men's Path by Chinua Achebe looks at the struggle between the villagers and the school's new headmaster, Obi.

Dead mans path chinua achebe

The conflict in this story is the ancestral path that runs right through the middle of the school's compound. The author of “Dead Men’s Path,” Chinua Achebe, is a native born Nigerian. Born in to missionary schoolteachers, Achebe was raised in a strong Christian home. He was one of the first to attend the University College at Ibdan and later finished his schooling .

In Chinua Achebe’s short story, ‘Dead Men’s Path’, we see a young and na�ve headmaster obsessed by modern practices, finding himself in conflict with a traditional village priest when he attempts to close a precious spiritual path, causing widespread turmoil throughout the community.

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