Coaching culture essay

Today coaching is woven into the culture of the organization and impacts people at every level. The research is clear

Coaching culture essay

Coaching Both terms are processes that enable individuals or even corporate clients to achieve full potential. Although the terms are often used in the same sentences there are differences as well as similarities between the two.

It is true that both are used to facilitate the exploration of needs, skills, motivations and thought processes. They are both designed to assist the individual or organisation in making lasting and tangible change. As mentioned previously there are differences between the two and here I have highlighted a number of them.

We will write a custom essay sample on Coaching essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER In contrast mentoring is normally where a more experienced individual who has knowledge and skill in the same field of work is paired with a less experienced person.

To explain this further I have included definitions of both: As a line manager I could use coaching techniques either in a formal setting or a more ad hoc way to successfully develop individuals within my team.

The role of a mentor is one that does not normally have line management responsibility for the mentee. A mentor on the other hand can provide guidance, taking a more directive approach.

There can be a number of barriers to effective coaching for individuals and organisations. There can be a lack of understanding of the benefits of coaching and what coaching can achieve.

There can be the perception about the validity of coaching and cost-effectiveness by senior managers and team members and questions being raised in relation to the actual benefits of coaching.

Businesses may not prioritise any implementation of coaching as part of their overall learning and development strategy. Therefore not ensuring that it is part of the wider change needed to implement coaching as part of the workplace. With organisations not seeing the value to the business.

Organisational culture which can be full of red tape and process does can add additional barriers to embedding coaching practice into the workplace.

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Coaching is a process to allow individuals to work out issues for themselves rather than be told what and how to do something. If the existing leadership style is one which focuses on short term results and a culture of individual achievements it may not consider the benefits of supporting and improving practice in all.

The lack of vision may stifle the development of underperformers and even good performers to improve further. The lack of longer term investment could restrict longer term sustainable performance. The organisation, managers and individuals could all see that coaching is something that is just for underperformers.

The example needs to be set from the top down and at times senior managers are reluctant to utilise the strengths of their staff as the coaches themselves. There are many benefits to introducing coaching to an organisation. With one key benefit being an increase in performance.

It can promote self-reliance, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning for individuals. It is proven that to be an effective method of self-development, which in turn promotes higher performance throughout the organisation.

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However, more interestingly mentoring can be used to increase diversity within organisations, this can create higher levels of management opportunities for underrepresented groups, such as female employees. A study conducted in the USA by Ragins has proven that women have benefitted by a coaching approach cited a wide range of benefits for themselves as well as their organisation.

This has included recruitment, retention of staff as well as increased productivity and a stabilising factor during change, support with succession planning and encouragement of knowledge sharing, providing a greater transfer of skills across the organisation.

The skills, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values of the coach or mentor.

Coaching culture essay

I think it is safe to say that the coach has several roles to perform; with the main objective being to develop the person being coached. This can be achieved by increasing self-confidence, identifying relevant and suitable topics for coaching as well as agreeing the setting of suitable planned tasks to support the learning process.Coaching Culture As pointed out in the previous chapter, the coaching culture of the organisation is at the tactical stage (Megginson and Clutterbuck, ).

From the findings, it is clear that organisation is aware of the importance of setting a coaching culture but however, the level of understanding of what would be involved remains low. Building a Coaching Culture. A growing number of organizations recognize the value in building a coaching culture that offers employees at all levels the opportunity to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals.

Coaching is a training and development tool in which an individual is supported while achieving specific goals.

Coaching culture essay

Skills’ coaching focuses on the core skills that an individual/team needs to perform in their role. Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International Richard Pelzer University of the Rockies Abstract In today’s context of the fast-paced and ever changing workplace, the most successful leaders are those who face new challenges with current and relevant solutions.

Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International Words | 14 Pages. Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International Richard Pelzer University of the Rockies Abstract In today’s context of the fast-paced and ever changing workplace, the most successful leaders are those who face new challenges with current and .

Core Theoretical Models of Coaching and Mentoring - In this essay, the advantages and disadvantages of two core theoretical models of coaching (GROW and Skilled helper model) and one of mentoring (5 C’s mentoring model) will be critically appraised.

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