Christmas in the philippines

Make a star pattern, and glue five of the 10 inch strips of wood or matte board to make a star. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Christmas in the philippines

Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJ Another place to see beautiful Christmas attractions are within city parks, centres and main roads. Theme Parks These attractions often come alive at night so their Christmas trees are usually different than the traditional ones.

If you are a fan of glitters and lights, head on over to your nearest theme park and see the trees glowing.


Christmas Houses Image credit: Brian Evans Filipino families take delight in putting up small Christmas trees and lining their windows with series lights. However, some households take their decoration up a notch by lighting their whole house and putting up all sorts of Christmas decors including Santa Claus, reindeers, snowmen, angels and a whole lot more.

The place also holds a night market and bangketa fair for the public. If you want something else to entertain the kids, Disney on Ice is also being held around this time of the year.

Lantern Festivals and Parades Image credit: Gep Pascual When it comes to huge lanterns, there is only one place that comes to mind: San Fernando City, Pampanga.

Christmas in the Philippines - Wikipedia

The city holds a yearly Giant Lantern Festival which takes place every 2nd week of December. Before the university goes on a Christmas break, they feature a parade of lanterns and floats created by the students.The Philippines, as a tropical country, isn’t endowed with a wintry setting that would echo a typical Christmas feel.

Christmas in the philippines

Yet, amazingly, the festive season is very much alive and evident all over the country, thanks to these great and unique Christmas traditions. They say nothing will ever dampen the Filipino spirit, more so, their Christmas spirit. Even if one is busy as a bee or money-strapped, Filipinos find a way to celebrate this season, which is oftentimes the highlight of the year.

Christmas in the Philippines may be the longest holiday celebration in the world 1.

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Christmas in the Philippines December 13, by Jessica Wieser 0 0 0 0 0 Gen Sandillon was born and raised in Marinduque, an island province in the Philippines, and was excited to share her Christmas memories with us.

Dec 18,  · Christmas is the most important occasion in the Philippines.

Christmas in the philippines

It unites family together and it is the time for gift giving and merry making. As early as September you could hear radio stations. Get your copy of the Christmas in the Philippines ebook and relive the spirit of the Filipino Christmas wherever you are in the world.

The book will be your guide to traditions, recipes, holiday destinations and even decor DIYS for the season. Dec 15,  · NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK! Aaaand it's that time of the year again! the most awaited occasion of the year. It's Christmas time! In this video we will be tackling the top Filipino Christmas Traditions.

Christmas in the Philippines - Wikipedia