Business presentation specialist mckinsey salary

Day in the life of a management consultant client version Day in the life of a management consultant client version Published: Now on to the day! Background — I am on a 4-member team manager and 3 associates.

Business presentation specialist mckinsey salary

Let's Discuss Salaries by deenee: There are disimilarities in various sectors thus a balanced comparison will be quite hard to achieve.

business presentation specialist mckinsey salary

I have followed with keen interest discussions about this on another thread but refrained from active participation. I know architects that have been paid million for certain projects and project managers with JB that earn million P.

A for a structured tenure. We don't get to hear about this everyday so the tendency is to believe otherwise. No doubt, O and G are top of the echelon in this aspect but the best paying?

Well this a debate that will occur in a continuum. Additionally, the remuneration for the PE sector quoted is just base salary alone. There is also the performance incentive which is what I would term an 'off balance sheet item' and is largely determined by the transaction capacity of the firm.

This is of course a one off transaction. Hence, it is not strange to see PE analysts earning twice what their contemporaries earn in total package as performance incentive alone.

Whilst IMs earn three or four times that amount as transaction incentive alone. We don't get to hear of this because most of these firms are closely knit privately held partnerships. Finally, I want to opine that building a career around an endeavor that we have passion for is perhaps the best way to ensure financial security in the future.

After all, stories are abound of O and G employees that have gone bankrupt despite the fat pay checks they receive.


Let's Discuss Salaries by AjanleKoko: I think it is misleading to assume that O and G pays the most. Those instances you mentioned are one-off. For example, I work in telecoms. What's the entry level in JB or any other architectural firm? Let's Discuss Salaries by tanimola Mhen, this is what sustains a continued financial security.

Nothing beats doing what you could otherwise do free of charge.

Business Presentation Designer - Bangalore

You know, all these investments and funds management professionals somehow do their things in a coded way. That is why many people in Nigeria don't know how handsomely these professionals are remunerated for their services. I am confused as to whether she is a chick or an old woman.

She is sound sha.

Job Senior Business Analyst, in Moscow, employment in McKinsey & Company

I guess nothing less is expected of someone who got an education, up to graduate level, in Harvard. From your contributions so far, I suspect she should be on nothing less than 35 million Naira per annum.

That is a lot of cash for a chick like that. In my view, all these discussions we've been having are quite good because they will gradually begin to let people know that they too can make a good career, and a lot of money too, outside of the regular banking, oil and gas, telecoms etc.

The downside though, is that a top education from a top school might be a prerequisite for success in these unconventional careers. Let's Discuss Salaries by ayox As in , naira. I agree because the word "Perhaps" was included in that sentence.

Not everyone will succeed at doing what they are passionate about.Business Presentation Specialist Mckinsey and Company Chennai. The BPS prepares distinctive and high impact business presentations using our customized version of View full description More jobs .

Junior Business Presentation Specialist - German Speaker San José, Provincia de San José Qualifications Academic degree Excellent verbal and written language skills both in German and English (C2 - CEFR* or equivalent) IT literacy and experience.

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The creation of business page is one such initiative by McKinsey and many in this sector. Who is the current CEO of New Era Cap Company? Christohper H. Koch is . Jan 15,  · Interview Questions for Presentation would be your leading endowment as an Presentation Specialist job?What are the potentials of an elegant Presentation Specialist.

In particular I created and presented an interactive technical presentation for the Gorgon joint venture partners, resulting in clear communication and increased in confidence on the project's progress.

Business Presentation Specialist at McKinsey