Australias reputation and national identity essay

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Australias reputation and national identity essay

A national identity is an invention. These identities can be seen as defining us as people and may be cultural, ethnic, religious, gendered, class-oriented or ideological.

They are as varied as our imagination. In Australia, the religious, cultural and ethnic complexity of our society is particularly diverse. There are certainly national cultural stereotypes and national symbols that we all recognise as Australian, but do these really reflect the everyday reality of living as an Australian today?

What is it about our cultural stereotypes, if anything, that continues to resonate with Australians? Does our national identity still depend upon a white Anglo-Celtic male viewpoint?

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Australia had only been settled by white Australian's for one hundred and twenty eight years, yet already a strong nationalism had emerged. The words larrikin, mateship, courage, egalitatarism, resourcefulness and independence come to mind.

Why did Australia develop such a strong image so quickly? For the first one third of Australia's history the majority of white Australians were either convicts or the off-spring of one. These people held a strong dislike for authority, which is still present in elements of today's society.

There were a couple of reasons for this. Firstly they possibly felt hard done by and also the authoritative figures such as the "Rum Corps" had not really gained their respect as they sometimes corrupt.

With the offspring of the transported convicts, known as currency lads and lasses, the national identity first emerged. They were not as amoral as most thought they would be, given that their parents were in the eyes of the British Government, hardened criminals.

Visitors to Australia as early as noticed some pecularities to these Australians. It was also reported that swearing coloured our conversations. But a feature that struck most visitors was the egalitaranism, the belief that each man was equal.

This was very unlike Britian. With the gold rushes of the 's the emerging national identity was stiffled. A flood of new immigrants arrived, from places as diverse as USA and China, but they were mostly British and still considered Britain as home.

But on the gold fields the belief that all men were equal was strengthened. On the gold fields your chances of finding gold was not determined on who you were, on the gold fields many poor people became rich. In the 's and 's the national feeling was associated mainly with the Bushrangers.

Most bushrangers were native born or of Irish descent.

Australias reputation and national identity essay

Again the strong dislike of authority emerges. The bushrangers were admired because they defied authorities and at times made them look stupid. They were held up as symbols against Britain and the government. They were also thought to be courageous and patriotic.

Bushrangers were as romantised then as they are today. By the 's three quarters of Australia's population had been born in Australia.

This is an important cause of nationalism, you feel Australian because you were born here, unlike previous generations, where the majority were born in other countries.

In the 's the increase in nationalism continued. They helped create the Australian Bush Legend, as a resourceful, independent man who trusted only his mates. During the 's people begain to push for an United Australia, believing that they were Australian, not Victorian's, Queenslanders etc.

The Irish too were keen to establish a United Australia out of hate of the British.

Australia national identity essay

The media soon joined in. On January 1st, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed.Analytical Response Analyse, evaluate and compare the language used to represent Australia's National Identity through wartime experience.

For Australians, their national identity was forged through adversity and struggle.

Australias reputation and national identity essay

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